Aurora Borealis - The Northern Lights

A beautiful song sung well is not unlike the Aurora Borealis, only lasting for but a short time, punctuated by moments of extraordinary beauty as it plays out its performance, rarely ever being captured in as spectacular way as when observed in the moment and with your own eyes.

Welcome to QuadraVox

QuadraVox, a Midlands based contemporary all-female vocal group – beautiful voices accompanied by piano resulting in a magnificently sublime sound.
Each of the artists are successful in their own right and have performed both Nationally and Internationally in Opera houses, concert venues, at corporate events and Weddings. They have also helped many people by performing at charity events helping raise funds for various causes.
They enjoy performing in a variety of styles including Opera, Operetta, Musicals, Classical music and Contemporary music and enjoy the breadth of contrast and emotions. Always maintaining a high quality within the wide range of repertoire.

"What can I say but utterly breath taking and I can highly recommend seeing these girls as they will keep you entertained and in awe of their talents.
Great fun to listen to from some of the most popular classics to some of the more hidden gems in classical music.
Kept a room silent as everyone enjoyed their performance and took it in.
Would be suitable for many occasions, I happened to hear them at a works conference which was perfect and look forward to hearing them again soon."

- Clair Fellows (Healthcare Development Specialist)